I have a lot of thoughts today, and none of them are very cohesive, so here we go with a couple of little things…

-I wore a dress today. It was my green dress, my go to “it looks like I put in effort, but I really just didn’t put on pants today” outfit (although I did wear leggings, because it is winter). It was nice to feel put-together, and I feel like I should do it more often. It’s some thing so easy to do, that had such a nice effect on my mood, that there is no reason not to.

-I learned how to use the testing center today. I was worried it would be supremely complicated, and I would be hopeless at navigating it. In reality, it was super simple, and the front desk lady was very nice. This is just another good example to store in the back of my mind to remind myself that my anxiety is extremely irrational.

-I dropped my fork on the floor before I could eat my salad for lunch. There’s nothing more to the story, I just want every to know that I was really disappointed that it happened.

-I went through my “to be placed” playlist on Spotify and moved a bunch of the songs on it to other playlists. There is something about organizing that makes me feel like I’m doing something useful, even if it’s just on Spotify, and I listened to a number of good songs, which made for a relaxing hour or two.

Over all, today was a very simple day. Today was peaceful, and with how rare those sort of days are in college, I cannot be anything but grateful that I was able to breath, relax, and find some energy in the quiet.

“For my brothers and companions’ sake I will say, “Peace be within you!” For the sake of the house of the Lord our God, I will seek your good.” Psalm 122:8-9


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